The Plot Against America: Webinar and Panel Discussion at the University of Florida (Preview and Video Link)

I’m posting a link below to a wonderful webinar that I was fortunate enough to participate in (remotely) the other night “at” the University of Florida on Philip Roth’s novel (and recent HBO miniseries, The Plot Against America.  

The other participants besides me were Norman JW Goda (University of Florida), Rachel Gordan (University of Florida), Brett Ashley Kaplan (University of Illinois), and Jack Kugelmass (University of Florida).

We had a great 90 minute discussion on the political, literary, and counterfactual dimensions of both the novel and the HBO series.


If you’re interested in how it all unfolded, please click HERE (for the event preview) and HERE (for the recorded version on YouTube.


The fact that counterfactual TV dramas are attracting growing scholarly attention is notable and promises to increase in the future.