New Books Network Podcast on "The Fourth Reich"

I'm grateful to host Craig Sorvillo for inviting me to discuss my new book, The Fourth Reich, on the New Books Network Podcast earlier this week.

It was nice to have an opportunity to discuss something "light" in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  What?  Nazis are "light?"  Only insofar as the fear that my book examines -- the fear of a Nazi return to power -- never came to pass.  Although Nazis are not comparatively "light" in and of themselves, the context in which I discuss them certainly is, at least in a relative sense.

The podcast runs about an hour.  I hope everyone finds it to be worthwhile listening.  To access the audio, click HERE.

On another topic:

I apologize once again for my long absences from this blog.  I just finished up a major chapter in my ongoing book project on the history of counterfactual history -- this time on the use of "what ifs" in the historiography of the American and French Revolutions.  It's another whopping 85 page chapter with more than 300 footnotes (kind of like my chapter on the Enlightenment).  I don't knows how much empirical material I will have to cut eventually from my manuscript, but at the moment, I am just as committed to documentation as analysis.

Like everyone else, I'm house-bound, so there's little alternative now for me but to move on to chapter 7, which will focus on 19th century counterfactuals in the national historiographical traditions of France, England, Germany, and the U. S.  This chapter promises to clinch my argument (if it was ever in doubt) that western historians have long employed counterfactuals in their work. 

If things go as I hope, I will then have three chapters to go: 1) 1914-1945; 2) 1945-1989; and 1989 to the Present. 

I hope two more years will suffice...