New Counterfactual Graphic Novel! RRWB: The West Berlin Soviet Republic

What?  Two posts in one day?

I couldn’t resist making some comments about a really interesting alternate history graphic novel that I’m looking forward to reading.

It is a German language book, called RRWB – Räterepublik Westberlin (RRWB – The West Berlin Soviet Republic).  It is written by Jörg Ulbert together with Thomas Jaedicke, and is illustrated by Jörg Mailliet. 

Set in 1968, a year after the murder of Benno Ohnesorg by police during a demonstration against the Shah of Iran, the book examines what would have happened if West Berlin had been taken over by leftists and turned into a Soviet Republic.  As the promotional blurb for the book makes clear, the republic is led by Rudi Dutschke, Horst Mahler, and Otto Schily and seeks to create a utopian, worker and student-led state. The petrified bourgeoisie flee from the city and hippies take over.  The story’s protagonist, a student named Ralf Schindralski participates in the dramatic events but becomes disillusioned as intrigue and betrayal make their inevitable appearance – complete with reeducation camps and other unpleasantries. 

I still to have order the book, but the illustrations are great and I look forward to seeing how plausible the overall plot is.  RRWB will surely fascinate anyone interested in the social upheavals and left-wing counterculture of the late 1960s.  I’ll be spending part of my winter break checking it out.

Here’s the LINK to the book’s promotional website.


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Here's an interesting Oscar what-if story: