New Dickheads Podcast on "The Man in the High Castle" Featuring Krajewski and Rosenfeld

One of the pleasures of writing about counterfactual history is the opportunity to come into contact with fellow “what if” aficionados. 

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with David Agranoff, a fellow Bloomingtonian (“Hoosier” even), who together with Anthony Trevino, and Langhorne J. Tweed, runs a great podcast, brilliantly called Dickheads, on the fictional writings of Philip K. Dick. 

A few weeks back, David invited me to appear on the latest episode of the podcast, which featured a discussion on The Man in the High Castle, together with Bruce Krajewski, the editor of the wonderful volume, The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy.  

The podcast has just been made available, so if you’re interested in checking out the freewheeling discussion, click HERE.

Also, by all means check out the other Dickheads podcasts as well as Bruce’s blog, The Fourth Policeman.

Happy listening!