A New German Study on Nazi Counterfactuals: Johannes Rhein, et al, eds., Schlechtes Gedächtnis"

Yesterday I received my two complimentary copies (thanks!) of a great new anthology to which I was pleased to make a minor contribution:

Johannes Rhein, Julia Schumacher, and Lea Wohl von Haselberg's collection of essays, Schlechtes Gedächtnis?  Kontrafaktische Darstellungen des Nationalsozialismus in alten und neuen Medien.

I merely contributed a short preface, but the rest of the volume is well worth a look, for those of you who read German.

The volume includes essays on film, video games, and comic books -- and, of course, plenty of discussion of how Hitler is represented in diverse media.  The book (paperback) also includes lots of rare and intriguing photos, many in full color.

Here is the Table of Contents: