Dapim Scholars Forum on Tom Weber's "Becoming Hitler"

As I've noted in recent posts, Tom Weber's recent book, Becoming Hitler, features a good number of fascinating counterfactuals involving Adolf Hitler's journey from demobilized war veteran to NSDAP demagogue.

In my introduction to the scholars' forum on Weber's book in the latest issue of Dapim, I highlight some of the "what ifs" that are worth contemplating.

Interested readers should check out the book for more!


RJS said…
I think it is difficult, almost, impossible for scholars with a Jewish background to write objectively about Hitler. Do they openly and honestly address this issue in the forum? By invalidating and minimising Hitler's honourable WW1 record of service, Weber seems to be destroying the last vestiges of potential sacrifice and humanity in the Hitler story. Arguably, he had a better understanding of the fighting at the Western Front (1914-1918) than Chamberlain, Churchill or Roosevelt put together. And he put himself in harm's way to a much greater degree than these other world leaders.
RJS said…
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RJS said…
By honourable , I mean he didn't avoid conscription, he didn't desert, he was never accused of cowardice, he did not rape or kill any Belgian citizens, he was awarded two significant medals, he suffered a shrapnel wound during the battle of the Somme (just a flesh wound, Weber say, dismissively, as if participation in one of the most brutal battles ever fought is a cushy stroll in the park!) and later in the war some form of poisoned gas trauma. Why should he be condemned by armchair historians for securing himself a less dangerous position as a regimental runner? I'd love to see what Weber would do in similar circumstances.