"What Ifs of Jewish History" on "Jewish History Matters" Podcast

I'm grateful to Dr. Jason Lustig (UCLA) for inviting me to discuss What Ifs of Jewish History with him on his podcast, "Jewish History Matters."

We had a free-wheeling discussion that covered many questions explored in the volume.  For those interested in a text version of the interview, Jason was kind enough to provide a transcript on the JHM website.  Click HERE for the link.  Happy listening!

Jewish History Matters is a brand new podcast featuring interviews, in-depth discussion, coverage of new research, current topics, and enduring debates about Jewish history and culture. It aims to cultivate informed and engaging discourse about the Jewish past, present, and future rooted in cutting-edge developments from leading Jewish studies scholars. The podcast will highlight high-level discussion that grapples with deep and nuanced questions, and also be accessible to non-specialists and those outside the academy, underscoring the relevance of the animating issues of contemporary Jewish studies to wider academic, social, and political issues.

I especially recommend listening to Jason's interview with Steve Weitzman!