Forthcoming "What Ifs" of German History Volume: "Eine andere Deutsche Geschichte"

I always thought it would be a great idea to edit a volume of essays on "what ifs" of German history.

I'm happy to say that someone else has beaten me to it. This coming fall, Christoph Nonn and Tobias Winnerling are publishing a new edited volume entitled, Eine andere deutsche Geschichte: Was wäre wenn?  (An Alternate German History: What If?), with Ferdinand Schöningh.

I especially like the cover image of Martin Luther as the Pope (hmmm...I wonder how that came to pass?)

The publisher's website does not list the table of contents, but a recent symposium at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf provides a sense of the contributors' essays.  They range from the Reformation to the Revolution of 1989.

It is pasted below.

I look forward to reading and hopefully reviewing this volume before too long.


Will it be translated in english? Sounds very interesting.
Maybe they could translate it in french, read french(I am a french speaking Canadian so no problem there) and often many german books are translated in french